Undated (AP) _ Some moments and players to think about from the first half of the season: MID-SEASON AWARDS:.

NL MVP:. Can there be any doubt? Barry Bonds. is among the league leaders in 11 major offensive categories. Most importantly, he has the San Francisco Giants in first place in the NL West with a comfortable lead over Atlanta.

NL ROOKIE OF THE YEAR:. Mike Piazza. of the Dodgers might be the best catcher to come along since Johnny Bench., and perhaps the best for the Dodgers since Roy Campanella.. Piazza hits for power, average and drives in runs. He's also improving defensively.

NL CY YOUNG AWARD WINNER:. It's still too close to call with John Burkett. of the Giants, Tom Glavine.of the Braves and Lee Smith. of the Cardinals among the leaders right now.

NL MANAGER:. San Francisco rookie manager Dusty Baker. has kept the Giants in first place since the start of the season, handling the pitching staff just right.

BIGGEST SURPRISE:. Houston's Darryl Kile. entered the weekend with a 10 -1 record.

BIGGEST FLOP:. Who else but Anthony Young.? He's 0-12 and has lost a major-league record 26 straight decisions. His teammates on the Mets haven't provided much help, scoring 25 runs in Young's 14 games as a starter during the streak.

AL MVP:. It's hard to deny this honor again to Cecil Fielder., but right now John Olerud. of the Blue Jays has a slight lead after hitting .400 much of the first half. Olerud is among the offensive leaders in 12 major offensive categories. ... Ken Griffey Jr.. is still in running, too.

AL ROOKIE OF THE YEAR:. Not considered a stong field. A favorite among the writers might turn out to be 31-year-old second baseman Rich Amaral. of the Seattle Mariners.

AL CY YOUNG AWARD WINNER:. Too close to call. At the All-Star break, the leaders are Jimmy Key. of the Yankees, Jack McDowell. of the White Sox and Mark Langston. of the Angels.

AL MANAGER:. Mike Hargrove. of Cleveland for keeping the Indians together and in the race at the All-Star break after the deaths of Steve Olin. and Tim Crews..

BIGGEST FLOP:. Milwaukee's Bill Wegman., considered a reliable starter, has 14 losses - two more than Anthony Young.

YOUNG WINNER:. Cleveland's Matt Young. snapped a personal 14-game losing streak when he beat Texas on June 12.

Other Honors ....

BEST STORY:. Mo Vaughn. promised to hit a home run for a boy being treated for cancer in a Boston hospital. Vaughn kept his promise at Anaheim. A short time later, the boy threw at the first ball and sat with Vaughn in the dugout. Babe Ruth. or Lou Gehrig. couldn't do it better.

WORST DECISION:. That's easy. It has to be Texas manager Kevin Kennedy. for using Jose Canseco. as a relief pitcher in a blowout at Fenway Park on May 29. Canseco tore a ligament in elbow and now faces career-threatening (Tommy John) surgery. ...

The umpires for the Padres-Phillies doubleheader last week for letting the second game start at 1:28 a.m. EDT after nearly six hours of rain delays in the opener. The second game ended at 4:40 a.m.

BEST FANS:. The expansion Colorado Rockies are AVERAGING about 60,000 people per game and might be heading for an all-time attendance record of 4.4 million.

MOST MOVING BROADCAST:. Vin Scully. of the Dodgers for handling the sudden death of partner and friend Don Drysdale. as only he could.

BEST BUSINESS:. ABC and NBC for getting the owners to agree to a TV contract without paying anything up front. Not bad compared to the $1 billion- plus CBS paid four years ago.

WORST FREE AGENT SIGNING:. John Smiley. by the Cincinnati Reds.

BEST COMEBACK:. Fernando Valenzuela. for Baltimore.

BEST PR:. Either way, George Steinbrenner. is going to get a new place to play or a revamped Yankee Stadium..

WORST PR:. The Chicago White Sox released Carlton Fisk. a week after giving him a night at Comiskey Park in honor of his catching the most games in major-league history.

BEST BRAWL.: Seattle at Baltimore. Even the police were needed to stop this one, resulting in a record number of suspensions.

STANGEST INJURY:. Cincinnati catcher Joe Oliver. cut his forearm while removing a butcher knife from the dishwasher.

BEST KEPT SECRET:. Yankees catcher Mike Stanley. is among the club leaders in average, home runs and RBIs.

WORST KEPT SECRET:. The Mets making Joe McIlvaine. their new general manager, replacing Al Harazin..

PLAY OF THE YEAR:. A ball hit by Carlos Martinez. of Cleveland on May 26 bounced off Jose Canseco's. head and hopped over the right-field wall.

BEST DEBUT:. Jose Guzman. pitched a one-hitter in his first start for the Chicago Cubs, beating Atlanta 1-0 at Wrigley Field on April 6. Guzman had a no-hitter going until Otis Nixon singled with two outs in the ninth.

BEST LINE:. Sammy Sosa of the Cubs went 6-for-6 on July 2 at Colorado. He had a streak of nine straight hits snapped the next day.

BEST FOOTBALL IMITATION:. Detroit beat Seattle, 20-3, on April 17, and Oakland, 20-4, on April 13.

BEST QUOTE:. ''Anthony Young is the best 0-19 pitcher I've ever seen.'' - Cubs catcher Rick Wilkins..

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