LONDON (AP) _ Britain's churches plan an advertising campaign capitalizing on the huge outpouring of grief that followed the death of Princess Diana, in hopes of attracting more Easter worshippers.

Posters will show the banks of flowers, stuffed animals, handwritten messages and candles outside Kensington Palace and other royal sites after Diana's Aug. 31 death, with a slogan reading, ``If all this started you thinking, carry on at church this Easter.''

The Churches Advertising Network, which devised the campaign, has attracted criticism for its ads in the past, including a Christmas poster featuring the Virgin Mary having a ``bad hair day.''

Organizer Robert Ellis conceded the latest campaign could draw accusations the churches were cashing in on Diana's death, but said its real intent was to help people.

``People have criticized the church for not responding adequately to the emotions people felt after Diana's death,'' he said Thursday. ``Here we are trying to respond to it positively by saying we can help.''

The network is offering the posters to churches of all denominations and also will be buying space on billboards.