MOSCOW (AP) — Forgot your toothbrush on your way to Moscow for the Confederations Cup or the 2018 World Cup? You can buy a new one at the hotel lobby. Fancy an ultra-luxury car? You can get one of those too.

In a capital where the black Mercedes Benz and the Ranger Rover are ubiquitous, the luxury-obsessed and deep pocketed can hop into a Bentley or Rolls-Royce at showrooms in two city center hotel lobbies.

A car Sir? Certainly. Here's one in the hotel lobby.

Visitors strolling toward the spa or breakfast buffet at the 4-star Radisson Slavyanskaya can gawk at the Bentley Flying Spur or the limited Cobra Edition Bentley Continental GT. If Rolls-Royce is more your thing, head over to the 5-star Radisson Royal, where you can buy the Phantom or the Ghost.

Artem Kravchenko, manager at the Rolls-Royce showroom, says that most people who buy cars at their location are Russians.

Cars reserved for the very rich.

Oh, and the average price tag for one these? Around 17 million rubles — $300,000. Try explaining that room charge back home.

-By Ricardo Zuniga in Moscow

Cars in the lobby.