HOUSTON (AP) _ A juror in a divorce trial has been charged with bribery after allegedly telling a lawyer that for $20,000 he would try to persuade others on the jury to side with his client.

John Aiken Bishop, 39, was arrested after a meeting with lawyer Robert Piro, who was wearing a concealed microphone, authorities said.

Piro represents millionaire insurance executive James Raymond Dawley III in his divorce from Susanne Dawley. A mistrial was declared Friday following Bishop's arrest.

Piro said that after the trial began he received messages on his home answering machine from a man who never left his name but hinted that he wanted a bribe.

On one call, the man asked if Piro understood that in the game of chess ''the bishop is a powerful piece on the chessboard and frequently can keep the queen from checking the king,'' Piro said.

The district attorney's office then set up a sting, said Assistant District Attorney John Brook.

Bishop was being held Saturday in lieu of $10,000 bail.