SYDNEY, Australia (AP) _ A court today ordered a weekly newsmagazine to withdraw its latest edition because it contains two photographs of the man charged with slaying seven backpackers.

The New South Wales Court of Appeal said the edition of Who magazine could be distributed if Ivan Milat's face was blacked out.

Milat has been charged with murdering three German, two British and two Australian backpackers. Their remains have been found since 1992 in the Belanglo State Forest southwest of Sydney.

The state attorney-general sought the court order following Sunday's publication of the magazine, which contained photographs of Milat on the cover and inside.

The magazine, published by Time Inc. Magazine Co., a wholly owned susidiary of Time Inc. of the United States, today announced it would use stickers to blot the suspect's face out of unsold copies.

The current issue began selling at newsstands Monday. Accoding to Who, about half the issues already have been sold, Channel 10 television reported today but didn't specify the number of issues.

Australia's laws favor a defendant's right to trial without extensive pre- trial publicity. There is no Australian equivalent of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, guaranteeing a free press.

Michael Sexton of the New South Wales attorney-general's office said a summons would be issued Wednesday charging the magazine's publishers with contempt.