MEIRINGEN-HASLIBERG, Switzerland (AP) _ Ian Edmondson of the United States, who spent 10 years in retirement, won his first major freestyle skiing event in 15 years Saturday, defeating world champion Fabrice Becker of France in acro-skiing.

Edmondson, who turns 40 in April, received 26.75 points to Becker's 26.45.

Edmondson, who returned to the circuit in 1992 after 10 years of retirement, came in second to the Frenchman in February in the acro-skiing event in the World Championships at Nagano, Japan.

He retired as freestyle ski world champion in 1982, when he was the winner of the season-long freestyle Grand Prix.

Acro-skiing is not an Olympic sport but is part of the World Cup and World Championships schedules.

In the women's event, Elena Batalova, world champion Oksana Kushenko, and Natalia Razumovskaia scored a triple Russian victory. Batalova, who won despite a fall, is well on her way to repeating her 1996 title.

Kuschenko injured her shoulder only 15 minutes before the competition.