The 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards in more than two dozen major categories will be presented by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences from 8p to about 11p EDT (0000 to 0300 GMT) on Sunday, Sept. 22, at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, hosted by Neil Patrick Harris and broadcast live to all U.S. time zones on CBS, beginning at 7p EDT (2300 GMT) with a carpet show. Will Netflix, Kerry Washington or Jason Bateman make Emmy history? Is this the year "Breaking Bad" finally gets a break as best drama? Whatever happens, the AP plans to be on it from all angles. Here's more...



Planned Saturday...

— BC-US_EMMYS-MEMORIAL TRIBUTES: Jack Klugman's son says it's an insult to his late father and his contributions to TV that he's not getting a separate tribute at the Emmy Awards. By Television Writer Lynn Elber. UPCOMING: 350 words by 1p, file photos.

— BC-US--EMMYS-BAFTA TEA: The British Academy of Film and Television Arts celebrates this year's U.S. Emmy nominees, many influenced by British TV. By Caryn Rousseau. UPCOMING: 400 words by 7p, photos.

— BC-US--EMMYS-REHEARSAL: Stars in sneakers rehearse for television's biggest night before a rapt audience of cardboard cutouts. By Entertainment Writer Sandy Cohen. UPCOMING: 400 words by 7p, photos.

Moved So Far...

7/8— BC-US_EMMYS-NEIL PATRICK HARRIS: Neil Patrick Harris is magical, and not just because he can sing, dance, act and host the Tony and Emmy awards. He's actually magical, like in the abracadabra way, and has been since he was a kid. By Entertainment Writer Sandy Cohen. Moved Monday, photos.

— BC-US--EMMYS-DIVERSITY RECEPTION: Before celebrating the Emmys, Kerry Washington and other TV insiders took a moment to toast diversity. By Entertainment Writer Derrik J. Lang. Moved Wednesday, photos.

— BC-US--EMMYS-RED CARPET ROLLOUT: Emmy host Neil Patrick Harris isn't planning to leave the stage during Sunday's ceremony unless he's really, really gotta go. By Entertainment Writer Derrik J. Lang. Moved Wednesday, photos.

— BC-US--EMMYS-PARTY HOPPING: Even the Emmy host needs to blow off some steam before the big show. By Entertainment Writer Sandy Cohen. Moved Friday, photos.

— BC-US--EMMYS-WOMEN IN FILM: Television's leading ladies stepped out Friday night to celebrate at Variety and Women in Film's annual Emmys soiree. By Caryn Rousseau. Moved Friday, photos.

Show Stories:

Sunday Night...

— BC-US_EMMYS: When Netflix's "House of Cards" vies with top cable contenders "Breaking Bad" and "Mad Men" for best drama honors at Sunday's Emmys, it will represent a key milestone in the coming-of-age of online narrative content. Neil Patrick Harris hosts the 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, live on CBS from the Nokia Theatre at LA Live. By Television Writer Lynn Elber. Will begin with a Sunday morning laydown, followed by early color leads from the red carpet starting around 6:30p EDT (2330 gmt). Once the show begins at 8p (0000 GMT), individual floating NewsNows will be filed for the half-dozen top awards, slugged BC-US--Emmys-(category). And broader writethus will flow steadily through the conclusion of the show around 11p (0300 GMT). All writethrus will effectively balance and blend winners, context, color and buzz, offering a full canvas of the evening.

— BC-US--EMMYS-FASHION: By Fashion Writer Samantha Critchell. A critical look at what worked and what didn't. Updated as necessary throughout the show from about 8:30p (0130 GMT).

— BC-US--EMMYS-LIST: A running list of winners in about two dozen major categories announced on the show. The list will be updated every three to five awards, depending on significance of the awards and timing of presentation, and listed each time in order of presentation. At the conclusion of the show, the final list of winners will be re-batched in order of significance.

Sunday Overnight and Monday...

— BC-US_EMMYS: An analytical new approach to the mainbar for the overnight cycle. By Television Writer Dave Bauder.

— BC-US--EMMYS-REVIEW: By Television Writer Frazier Moore, a review of the show, with a focus on the moments we'll remember and those we'll try to forget.

— BC-US_EMMYS-FASHIONS-LIST: By Fashion Writer Samantha Critchell. A list of observations about what the stars wore to the small screen's biggest night.


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