Undated (AP) _ TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) - The defending champion U.S. team beat Brazil 69-49 Wednesday to score its fifth straight victory in the winners' round of the William Jones Cup Women's Basketball Tournament.

In other matches, South Korea beat Sweden 66-50 and Canada defeated Taiwan 64-63. It was the first defeat suffered by the strong Swedish team.

High scorers of the day were Canada's Bev Smith with 24 points and Taiwan's Hsu Hsueh-chu with 22 points.

After Tuesday's play, the United States led the standing with five wins against no losses. Sweden and Canada each had four wins against one loss. South Korea and the West German Agon 08 team from Dusseldorf each had two wins and two losses and Brazil has one win and four losses. Taiwan and Japan have lost the four matches they have played so far.

The eight teams advanced from a preliminary round in which 14 teams participated. The tournament ends June 28.