WARSAW, Poland (AP) _ The Communist Party Central Committee on Monday accepted the resignation of Foreign Minister Stefan Olszowski from the Politburo, state television reported.

Olszowski has long been identified with the hard-line wing of the party and is said to be out of favor with Gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski, the party first secretary.

Zbigniew Messner, the new prime minister who replaced Jaruzelski in a government shakeup last week, was to propose his new government to Parliament on Tuesday.

State television said the Central Committee also accepted the resignation of Kazimierz Barcikowski from the Central Committee Secretariat.

It said Warsaw Party first secretary Marian Wozniak was named to the Central Committee secretariat in his place.

The television report, broadcast on the main evening news program, said Olszowski resigned for ''personal reasons'' at a Central Committee meeting in Warsaw.

It said Olszowski, 54, wanted to ''devote himself to publishing and scientific work.''

The Central Committee thanked Olszowski ''for his long and conscientious work for the good of the party and socialist state,'' the report said.

Barcikowski, 58, was named by Parliament as a deputy president of the Council of State last week, and his resignation from the Central Committee secretariat was not a surprise.

At last week's Parliament meeting, Jaruzelski resigned as prime minister and was named president of the Council of State. He retained his title of party first secretary and remains the most powerful official in the country.