LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Police reported 210 arrests today as they ended a 13-hour sweep through gang-infested neighborhoods. In nearby Pasadena, three people were wounded in what was believed to be a gang-related shooting.

A task force of 260 officers scoured gang ''hot spots'' throughout Los Angeles Wednesday night and early this morning on a variety of charges, said police Lt. John O'Connell.

He said 128 of those arrested were suspected gang members.

Police set up a mobile booking unit in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum just south of downtown, processing paperwork before taking the suspects to jail on buses.

O'Connell said there were reports of gunfire during the night Wednesday, but there had been no gang-related shootings within the city.

In Pasadena, 10 miles northeast of downtown, three people were wounded during a drive-by shooting that police said may have involved gang members.

Curly Robinson, 26, Charles Tolley, about 20, and Wilferd Ogletree, no age given, all of Pasadena, were struck by shotgun pellets fired from a passing car, said Pasadena police Lt. Lynn Froistad.

''All we know is that a car came up and a passenger made some statements at three people standing on the sidewalk. The passenger then pointed a shotgun out the window and fired several rounds,'' Froistad said of the 9:20 p.m. attack.

The three were taken to Huntington Memorial Hospital. Robinson and Ogletree suffered minor injuries, while Tolley was in serious but stable condition with wounds to his upper torso, said nursing supervisor Betty Romero.

More than 50 people have been killed and hundreds injured in gang-related violence in Los Angeles County in the past year.

Stepped-up efforts in the battle against gang violence in Los Angeles included a city finance committee's approval Tuesday of an additional $2.5 million for police to use in fighting gangs.

The funding was expected to win final approval from the City Council on Friday. It would pay for 1,000 extra officers to be deployed in gang-infested areas and would cover police overtime costs in fighting gang violence.