SHANGHAI, China (AP) _ A former local Communist Party leader in southern China has been jailed for financial mismanagement and two other officials were imprisoned for corruption, the state Xinhua News Agency reported Wednesday.

The announcement came a week after the communist government acknowledged that officials have stolen or wasted more than $14 billion in the first half of 1999.

Kuang Reng, party secretary of the city of Enping in Guangdong province in 1990-94, enacted policies that drove up local debts and led to problems for banks and local companies, Xinhua said without giving details. He was sentenced to four years on charges of neglect of duty.

There was no indication that Kuang took money for himself, but China is increasingly trying to stop officials from squandering public money.

The party newspaper People's Daily said Aug. 17 that agencies this year had mismanaged or stolen money from pension funds, flood control projects and other accounts.

In June, China's auditor general issued a critical report accusing ministries of wasting money on lavish offices, travel and other expenses.

The amount that the People's Daily reported stolen or wasted was equal to nearly one-fifth of total central government revenue of $66 billion last year.

Two other Guangdong officials were reportedly sentenced to 13-year prison terms on corruption charges.

Zheng Wang, former chairman of the Jiangmen International Trust Group Co., was convicted of illegally obtaining $34,000, Xinhua said without giving further details.

Zhang Fengding, head of Sanbu Health Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, was convicted of embezzling $78,500, which he spent on gambling and mistresses, the report said.