PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Authorities have released the name of a man fatally shot by police after he fired on them at his Philadelphia home, apparently mistaking them for intruders.

Philadelphia police say 59-year-old Ricardo Giddings was on the stairs to the home's second floor when he fired four rounds from a pistol at the SWAT team members early Monday. One round hit and seriously injured an officer.

Another officer then fired five shots, hitting Giddings in his chest and legs. Giddings died later that day at a hospital.

Giddings 67-year-old wife, Joann, was shot in the abdomen. She left the home through a second-floor rear bedroom window but fell onto a rear patio deck. She remained hospitalized Thursday.

The SWAT team members were searching for the couple's 20-year-old grandson on a weapons violation warrant. He later turned himself in.