ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) _ Apparently, ``Slots `R Us'' wasn't broad enough.

``Come, Spend Your Grandchildren's Inheritance''? Too long.

``America's Favorite Playground''? Tried it already.

``Always Turned On''? Hmmm. It's a little suggestive, a little electric. What better way to sell a casino capital that never goes to sleep?

The city that gave birth to Miss America, invented saltwater taffy and mastered the art of the cheap buffet has a new slogan: ``Atlantic City _ Always Turned On.''

The catchphrase and an accompanying logo, unveiled Thursday, will be used by the Atlantic City Convention & Visitors Authority in sales pitches, on literature and in appeals to meeting planners.

Unable to afford TV and radio advertising, the authority _ which spent $110,000 developing the slogan _ hopes to get its word out with a public relations campaign, the authority's Web site and new signs along the Atlantic City Expressway.

Early reviews were favorable.

``It suits Atlantic City,'' said gambler Shirley Valdes, 33, of New York. ``It's always lit up, 24 hours a day, just like some of the people you see here.''

Author and historian Vicki Gold Levi called it ideal for Atlantic City, which had a name for gambling, bootlegging and colorful nightlife long before casinos rolled in 25 years ago.

``Atlantic City's always been a little naughty, a place to lose your inhibitions. And `Always Turned On' fits right in with it. It's what we are now, a fun, grown-up town.''


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