HANFORD, Calif. (AP) _ Sobbing uncontrollably, a former inmate described Tuesday how he was raped twice by a notorious prison enforcer after guards moved him into the rapist's cell.

Eddie Dillard, a slightly built 28-year-old now attending junior college in Southern California, said guards asked whether he was gay, laughed at his pleas for help and later threatened to put him back in the cell if he complained about what happened.

Four guards are on trial for allegedly setting up the rapes to punish Dillard for kicking a guard at Corcoran State Prison. The guards, who are on paid leave, face up to nine years in prison if convicted.

The rapist, convicted murderer Wayne ``Booty Bandit'' Robertson, testified earlier Tuesday that Dillard _ who was serving time for crack cocaine possession and assault _ was on a short list of proposed cellmates he gave to Sgt. Robert Decker, one of the guards on trial.

Dillard and Robertson _ both originally from the same Southern California street gang _ had tangled before at another prison, where Dillard learned of his reputation as a rapist.

Dillard said one guard threatened him with a longer prison term if he didn't go into the cell at Corcoran with Robertson.

``I told him he couldn't house me with that inmate. He was an enemy and was known for raping inmates,'' Dillard recalled. ``But he was being persistent that I had to go in there. I knew he was going to rape me. I knew it.''

The judge eventually called a recess because Dillard was crying so much that his voice was barely audible.

Defense attorney Wayne Ordus suggested that Dillard chose to be sodomized because he could have saved himself by refusing to return to the cell when he was let out to take a shower. That would have prompted a disciplinary process during which he might have aired his complaints.

Dillard testified that he couldn't count on prison regulations protecting him. ``If they did,'' he said, ``I never would have been housed with him.''