BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP)_ Serb radio and television, which NATO said has been airing ``hate and lies,'' could become NATO's next targets, the alliance said Thursday.

Air Commodore David Wilby said state-run radio and TV were ``an instrument of propaganda and repression.''

``It has filled the airwaves with hate and with lies over the years and especially now. It is therefore a legitimate target,'' Wilby told reporters at NATO headquarters.

Alliance spokesman Jamie Shea said some television facilities already have been hit by NATO aircrafts.

``Many of the TV transmitters are integrated into all the control of communication for the Yugoslav armed forces'' that have been damaged during the thousands of NATO combat missions, he said.

In Paris, French Army Chief of Staff Gen. Jean-Pierre Kelche said strikes against radio and television transmitters and stations could ``weaken the national resolve and the national command.''

Kelche said Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic's propaganda tools were ``extremely dangerous.''

Wilby said Yugoslav state media could become ``an acceptable instrument of public information'' if Milosevic provided ``equal time to Western broadcast in his programs without censorship.''

When a worried reporter asked whether NATO would warn journalists inside radio and television facilities ahead of attacks, Wilby said the alliance will ``make sure that any ... loss of civilian life is kept to an absolute minimum.''

``I understand fully your concern,'' Wilby said.