TORONTO (AP) _ Toronto Police are investigating allegations that Minnesota Twins outfielder Matt Lawton spat on a 16-year-old boy during Tuesday's game against the Toronto Blue Jays.

``Several adults witnessed a 16-year-old boy being spat on by a Twins player,'' Police Sgt. Jim Mackrell said. ``They came forward, statements were taken and tomorrow it will be decided if charges should be laid.''

The incident was caught on videotape by TSN, a Canadian all-sports network. The tape appears to show Lawton spitting toward the fan, but is inconclusive as to whether the fan was hit. The fan reportedly claims he was struck in the face. The tape also shows the fan made what appeared to be an obscene gesture to Lawton before the spitting incident.

``It was in the neighborhood of 10 adults who witnessed the incident and the pay duty officer took their names,'' Mackrell said.