Good morning! Here's a look at how AP's general news coverage is shaping up today in Idaho. Questions about today's coverage plans are welcome and should be directed to the Boise bureau at (208) 343-1894.

Idaho at 8:30 a.m.


BOISE — A race organizer says he's going out of business and won't refund payments made to participate in future events. UPCOMING: 250 words.


BOISE — Ten people have been indicted on charges of wire fraud, counterfeiting and money laundering amid FBI raids Wednesday at several Boise-area businesses and homes involving a massive scheme to peddle counterfeit cellphones and other tech gear, according to court documents. By Rebecca Boone. SENT: 266 words.


BOISE — The U.S. government said an Idaho family is to blame for any injuries it alleges a boy received after he was doused with cyanide by a predator-killing trap that a federal worker mistakenly placed near their home. By Keith Ridler. SENT: 612 words. With AP Photo.


WASHINGTON — Fireflies flash not just for sex, but survival, a new study suggests. Scientists wanted to find out if there's more to the lightning bug's signature blinking glow than finding a mate. Some experts had speculated it was a glaring signal to predators, like bats, that fireflies taste bad. To test out whether the glow acted like a flashing bad Yelp review, researchers at Boise State University put bats and fireflies in front of high-speed cameras. They published their results in Wednesday's journal Science Advances. By Seth Borenstein. SENT: 431 words. With AP Photo.


BOISE — The Idaho Fish and Game Commission is considering paying the Idaho Department of Lands to retain public recreation access to nearly 3,600 square miles (9,324 square kilometers) of state land. SENT: 230 words.



Bryan Harsin was standing back, letting his veteran players address the rest of their Boise State teammates when the realization hit him. He's no longer the coach who just returned to the place he played and later coached as an assistant. He's no longer in charge of a program built largely around recruits brought in by one of his mentors, Chris Petersen. About to begin his fifth season at his alma mater, it's Harsin's guys and truly his program now. By Tim Booth. SENT: 732 words.


BANK ROBBERIES-FOUR STATES: Man sentenced for 5 bank robberies in 4 states

BOISE-STATIONLESS BIKE REGULATIONS: Boise passes stationless bike regulations