NEW ORLEANS (AP) _ The city's Roman Catholic archbishop said Friday he opposes the president of the National Organization for Women speaking at Loyola University because of the group's ``pro-abortion agenda.''

Archbishop Alfred Hughes called NOW ``an organization that advocates an extremist pro-abortion agenda'' and said its president, Loyola alumna Kim Gandy, has made it clear she opposes efforts to restrict or limit abortion.

``Her beliefs are contrary to the clear and unambiguous teachings of the Catholic Church,'' Hughes said.

Gandy was scheduled to speak Wednesday at the Catholic university; she was invited by the law school and other organizations. University officials wouldn't comment Friday on Hughes' remarks and calls to organizers of the event were not returned.

``Surely the bishop is not saying he needs to agree with every speaker who speaks at Loyola,'' Gandy said.

Hughes said he is holding meetings with the Rev. Bernard Knoth, president of Loyola, on the matter.

As for her speech, Gandy said she will primarily cover efforts to pack the Supreme Court with conservative justices, but abortion will come up.

``You can't talk about the Supreme Court without mentioning Roe v. Wade,'' she said.