JERUSALEM (AP) _ A timeline of the escalation of violence Thursday between Israel and the Palestinians. All times are local.

_10:45 a.m.: Mob swarms Palestinian police station in Ramallah, beats two Israeli soldiers to death. Prime Minister Ehud Barak says a third soldier also was killed.

_2 p.m. (approximately): CIA chief George Tenet has emergency meeting with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, to discuss mob killing, according to Palestinian officials. However, U.S. officials in Washington said Tenet canceled the meeting when told it may be unsafe.

_2:54 p.m.: In retaliatory attack, Israeli helicopter gunship launches missiles at what Israel says is Palestinian security targets in Ramallah.

_3:15 p.m.: U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan cuts short trip to Lebanon, rushes back to Israel.

_3:38 p.m.: Israeli helicopter gunships launch rockets at targets near Arafat's headquarters.

_5:45 p.m.: Arafat visits port, among sites targeted by Israelis, and says: ``Our people don't care and don't hesitate to continue their march to Jerusalem, their capital of the Palestinian independent state.''

_7:52 p.m.: President Clinton urges Israelis, Palestinians to declare immediate cease-fire.

_8:30 p.m.: Barak, in nationally televised address, describes killing of soldiers as a lynching and says ``Arafat's face is not turned to peace.''