DAYTON, Ohio (AP) _ A church plans to burn books by Moslems and Jehovah's Witnesses along with pornography and ''satanic paraphernalia'' on Saturday in what the church's pastor hopes will become an annual event.

''Our purpose is to rid our city - and throughout the years we'll continue to rid our city - of more satanic paraphernalia, and then we believe the Holy Spirit will have a greater freedom to flow,'' the Rev. Donovan Larkins, founder of the non-denominational Victory Bible Church, said Thursday.

The church distributed fliers in several neighborhoods this week inviting people to bring in books by Moslems and Jehovah's Witnesses; books on New Age religions, witchcraft, yoga, transcendental meditation and Christian Science; horoscopes; playing cards; and ''secular albums, tapes and bumper stickers.''

Larkins said he doesn't care if his bonfire offends everyone in the city.

''What God says is what's important to me,'' he said.

He suggested that anyone who wonders why items from other religions were chosen should ''come to our church ... so that we can expound to them the unadulterated word of God.''