RADNOR, Pa. (AP) _ If Barbara Walters is thinking about jumping ship when her ABC contract expires this fall, CBS News would gladly welcome her aboard, according to TV Guide.

Walters said she is open to exploring a future at CBS. CBS News President Andrew Heyward had dinner with her recently to discuss the possibilities.

``There are people (at CBS) whom I like and admire, and I'm happy to hear what they have to say,'' Walters said.

Walters denied that exploring options outside ABC, where she has worked for 24 years, had anything to do with a rivalry with Diane Sawyer _ for example, the network's decision to schedule Sawyer's newsmagazine ``Prime Time Thursday'' after the popular ``Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.''

``Diane and I are friends and colleagues. We have not had any problems with each other. I can't remember the last time we had any severe problems or situations,'' Walters said.

She insisted her dinner meeting with Heyward was not arranged because she was dissatisfied, ``but because it's always interesting to see what's out there.''