NEW YORK (AP) _ Bloodstains on a pillowcase and exercise bar found in Joel Steinberg's apartment came from his former lover, an FBI expert testified at Steinberg's trial on charges he beat his illegally adopted 6-year-old daughter to death.

Hedda Nussbaum, who lived with Steinberg for 12 years, has testified that Steinberg beat her on the head and legs with the bar.

FBI serologist Robert J. Grispino testified Thursday that was ''100 percent'' certain the bloodstains were not from Steinberg, Steinberg's daughter, Lisa; or Steinberg's illegally adopted son, Mitchell, who has since been returned to his natural mother.

Grispino's testimony came Thursday afternoon after the morning session was canceled because judge Harold Rothwax suffered two broken wrists when he was hit by a car as he rode his bicycle to work.

Rothwax's wrists were put in casts. When the 58-year-old judge returned to the courtroom, he followed doctors' orders to keep his arms elevated by sitting with his elbows on the desk and hands in front of his face.

As the session proceeded, his clerk had to put his glasses on for him and turn pages for him.

''I regret being delayed today,'' he told jurors at the end of the day. ''I'm going to try to come down (to court) safely tomorrow. You try to come down safely, too.''

Lisa's death last year in an affluent, well-educated household shocked many New Yorkers and led to a re-examination of the duty and ability of neighbors, teachers and social workers to recognize and report evidence of child abuse.