NEW ORLEANS (AP) _ A woman standing near an amusement park ride was hit by at least one of the ride's cars and killed at Six Flags New Orleans.

The cars were about three feet off the ground at the time, park spokeswoman Ann Wills said. She said it wasn't clear how Rosa Donaldson got so close to the ride Wednesday night.

``There are gates that close off the area for safety reasons,'' Wills said.

Donaldson, 52, was taken to Lakeland Medical Center where she died of internal injuries from a crushed pelvis, the coroner's office said.

Donaldson's sister, Dianne Bowens, said she was told Donaldson was fastening her 4-year-old grandson into the ride, called Joker's Jukebox. The ride, with spinning cars set on arms that move, started, and Donaldson was hit in the head by one car and then struck again, she said.

New Orleans police, the state Fire Marshal's office and Six Flag officials are investigating her death.