OSLO, Norway (AP) _ Following doctor's orders could become a popular pastime in the island village of Steinhamn, where the local physician this week urged his patients to drink more wine and have frequent sex.

Municipal doctor Nils Carl Loennberg, 59, distributed his 23-point prescription for a better, healthier life throughout the village of 1,250 people, raising eyebrows and making national news in Norway.

Loennberg's tips include drinking more wine, but less hard liquor, and having sex at least twice a week, as well as more conventional suggestions such as getting more exercise and eating more vegetables.

``Those who don't have an adequate sex life get sick easier,'' Loennberg was quoted as saying in Friday's editions of Verdens Gang, Norway's largest newspaper.

Loennberg, a founder of the Nordic Society for Medical Humor, said he wanted patients to laugh at his tips and then give them serious thought.

Some bachelors on the island, 250 miles north of Oslo, say they would love to follow the doctor's advice. There is, however, a shortage of single women.

``The part about the wine I could probably manage one way or another,'' 42-year-old bachelor Elder Huse was quoted as saying. ``Now, I hope the doctor will write me a prescription for a girlfriend.''