AUSTIN, Texas (AP) _ Give the computer programmer an ``F.''

City school officials are preparing to reprint and remail about 35,000 report cards sent to the wrong households because of a faulty computer program.

The program matched names and grades of some middle- and high-school students with the wrong addresses, district spokeswoman Della May Moore said. Last week, some parents received grades for students who weren't their children.

``As a parent, I'm a bit concerned that private information about my student's performance is in someone else's hands,'' said Tom Robichaux, whose son attends Lyndon B. Johnson High School. ``As a taxpayer, I'm concerned about the wasted effort in dollars to send report cards a second time.''

The district estimates the cost of remailing the report cards at $8,000. That doesn't include reprinting or overtime costs. The new cards will be sent next week.