AUSTIN, Texas (AP) _ A cycling enthusiast and testicular cancer survivor has become the new owner of Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong's yellow jersey.

Blaine Rollins, 32, of Denver, won Armstrong's jersey with a bid of $20,500 in an internet auction that lasted for 22 days, the same duration as the famous race. The auction benefitted the Lance Armstrong Foundation, which is dedicated to fighting urological cancer.

Rollins was diagnosed with testicular cancer in April, 1998 and recovered after surgery and chemotherapy one month later.

``I was interested in the jersey because I was inspired by Lance's recovery and attempt to rejoin cycling after what he had been through,'' Rollins said. ``I am exited now to have a piece of one of the most inspiring sporting achievements of my time.''

Armstrong, 27, learned in 1996 that he had testicular cancer, which spread to his bones and brain. He underwent aggressive chemotherapy and three operations and in February 1997 was cancer-free.

In July, Armstrong became the second American to win the Tour de France.