EASTON, Pa. (AP) _ Syndicated columnist George F. Will told graduates of Lafayette College that the culture mistakenly emphasizes values over virtues.

``Hitler had lots of values. But George Washington had virtues,'' Will said. ``When we move beyond talk of good and evil, when the categories of virtue and vice are transcended, we are left with the thin gruel of values-talk, the talk of a nonjudgmental age, an age that is only judgmental about the sin of being judgmental.''

The columnist went on to tell the 512 graduates that virtues are difficult to develop and not accessible to all.

``Therefore, speaking of virtues rather than values is considered elitist, offensive to democracy's egalitarian, leveling ethos,'' he said. ``I say that is precisely why talk of virtues should be revived and talk of values should be abandoned.''