WASHINGTON (AP) _ If you work for the Army and notice some strange behavior among your colleagues, just dial 800-CALL SPY.

That's the toll-free phone number the Army is establishing for soldiers and civilian employees to report any suspicious behavior they observe.

The phone number already has been activated, but it won't be in full operation until April 30, said Lt. Col. Richard Holk, a spokesman for the Army's Intelligence and Security Command.

Defense Secretary Caspar W. Weinberger ordered the services a year ago to tighten security following the breakup of the so-called Walker family spy ring. Four men were convicted or pleaded guilty to charges of providing Navy secrets to the Soviet Union for almost two decades.

--- Remains of Four Vietnam War Servicemen Identified

WASHINGTON (AP) - An Army laboratory has identified positively the remains of four U.S. servicemen killed during the Vietnam War and recovered last year, the Pentagon said.

The remains will be flown Thursday from Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii to Travis Air Force Base, Calif., the Pentagon said Wednesday.

The Pentagon withheld the identity of one man at his family's request.

The other three - each an aviator - were identified as:

-Air Force Col. Thomas F. Case, born Oct. 22, 1931, with a home of record of Thomson, Ga., lost over North Vietnam on May 31, 1966.

-Navy Lt. Cmdr. Richard C. Perry, born Aug. 9, 1932, with a home of record of Carlin, Nev., lost over North Vietnam on Aug. 31, 1967.

-Navy Lt. Henry S. McWhorter, born Nov. 19, 1934, with a home of record of Savannah, Ga., lost over North Vietnam on Aug. 29, 1965.

The Pentagon said 2,417 Americans remain unaccounted for in Indochina as a result of the war.

--- Senate Opponents Of Pay Raise Vow To Force House To Face Issue Again

WASHINGTON (AP) - The $12,100 congressional pay raise that slipped through the House earlier this month may be back on the agenda if some Senators have their way.

Senators opposed to the boost in annual pay of senators and representatives from $77,400 to $89,500 vowed to attach a repeal provision to essential legislation such as a debt limit measure, trade legislation or a spending resolution, and force the House to confront the issue again.

''We've got to force the House to finally take an honest vote on this one,'' Sen. Quentin Burdick, D-N.D., told a news conference Wednesday.

The Senate voted overwhelmingly against the pay raise for itself and related salary boosts for federal judges and top-ranking federal officials. But House leaders postponed a vote past the Feb. 3 deadline when the raises took effect automatically. The House turned down the money in a Feb. 4 vote, but the vote was meaningless.

--- Amtrak Redesigning Car Interiors To Reduce Passenger Injuries

WASHINGTON (AP) - In an effort to reduce injuries in train accidents, Amtrak has begun installing and redesigning seats, overhead luggage carriers and restraints on microwave ovens in food cars.

''Amtrak has an ongoing program to modify existing equipment to improve the interior of our passenger cars,'' W. Graham Claytor Jr., president and chairman of the board of Amtrak, testified Wednesday before the House Science Committee's subcommittee on transportation, aviation and materials.

The work started before three Conrail freight engines collided with an Amtrak passenger train Jan. 4 near Baltimore, killing 16 people and injuring 175, Claytor said.

National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Jim Burnett testified that the board will examine Amtrak's safety changes and will determine the need for further improvements.

--- FBI Agents Deny They Discussed Killing Private Detective

WASHINGTON (AP) - FBI agents Richard Sloan and Richard Baxter disputed testimony that they discussed killing a private investigator whose request for bureau files might embarrass the agency and hurt them professionally .

They also denied during a U.S. District Court hearing Wednesday that they seriously discussed a plan to rob people carrying large amounts of cash to gamble at a luxury hotel on an Indian reservation in New Mexico.

The allegations were made in court by a former roommate of Sloan's, Harvey Brierly.

The testimony is part of a hearing on detective John H. Donohue's freedom- of-information lawsuit against the FBI.

Donohue, 54, a former New Mexico state organized crime investigator, claims that the Albuquerque FBI concealed documents that show the agents ignored solid tips he gave them of organized crime activity in the state.

Donohue testified Wednesday that FBI agents followed him and tried to discredit him. His lawsuit alleges that agents illegally wiretapped his telephone.

--- Wright-Patterson to Host Air Force Anniversary

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Air Force will mark its 40th anniversary with a celebration at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio, Sen. John Glenn, D-Ohio, has announced.

Glenn said Wednesday that the two-day ''Festival of Flight'' is to be held in September and will include an aircraft flyover, a parade and fireworks.

The Air Force became an independent branch of the military in 1947.