MIAMI (AP) _ State officials and University of Florida President John Lombardi, who is under fire for making a racial remark about a colleague, have reached a tentative agreement that would allow him to take a new academic job after his resignation, The Miami Herald reported today.

Under Lombardi's agreement with the Florida Board of Regents, he would head an internal academic institute at the university after stepping down. It is still unclear what kind of institute and when that job should start, regents chairman Steve Uhlfelder said.

The deal also would allow Lombardi to keep his $238,000 salary for one year but make him accept 10 percent pay cuts for three years.

``We have a general understanding. Essentially, we have a gentlemen's agreement,'' said Uhlfelder, who added that he expects to have an agreement ``within a week or so.''

Lombardi declined to comment Sunday.

The controversy started at a Christmas party at his home Dec. 16, when Lombardi, who is white, referred to Herbert, who is black, as an ``Oreo.'' He said Herbert was effective in dealing with whites because he was ``white on the inside.''

After learning that Herbert heard about the remark, Lombardi apologized in writing to Herbert, who today was to become the first black chancellor of the 220,000-student state university system.

The apology wasn't enough for regents, who have been deliberating on a way to remove Lombardi as president.