WASHINGTON (AP) _ The Justice Department's top investigator of Clinton administration fund raising is taking another job and the agency is looking for a new lead prosecutor.

Charles G. La Bella, head of the department's Campaign Financing Task Force, will return to San Diego on July 1 to become interim U.S. attorney there, Attorney General Janet Reno said Friday.

La Bella will replace outgoing U.S. Attorney Alan Bersin.

La Bella, 47, a career federal prosecutor and a former top assistant U.S. attorney in San Diego, took over the task force in September 1997 in a shake-up of the investigation.

He has brought charges against several people, including Democratic fund-raiser Johnny Chung, who pleaded guilty to charges of funneling illegal contributions to the 1996 Clinton-Gore re-election campaign, among other illegalities.

In January, Charlie Trie, a former Little Rock, Ark., restaurateur and longtime friend of President Clinton, and an associate were charged with raising illegal donations to buy influence with government officials.

In February, Democratic fund-raiser Maria Hsia was charged with disguising illegal campaign contributions made by a California Buddhist temple to the Clinton-Gore campaign and other politicians between 1993 and 1996.

Trie and Hsia have pleaded innocent.

``I want to maintain the same high standards Chuck LaBella helped uphold,'' Reno said. ``His energy and determination have helped the Campaign Financing Task Force move forward.''