MEXICO CITY (AP) _ Colombian pop star Shakira drew thousands of fans to an appearance in Mexico City to promote her new album, ``Fijacion Oral Vol 1.''

The slender, golden-tressed singer signed autographs and greeted fans Thursday who had waited hours to see her, braving rain and long lines.

``You don't know how much this means to me. I didn't expect to see so many of you here,'' the 28-year-old performer told the crowd.

Those who didn't get Shakira's autograph were given posters, the government news agency Notimex reported.

Released last week, ``Fijacion Oral (Oral Fixation)'' is Shakira's first album in Spanish since 1998's ``Donde Los Ladrones? (Where Are the Thieves?).''

Since starting as a teen, Shakira has built her career on her sultry voice, rock-tinged anthems and belly gyrations. She has recorded in English since 2001's ``Laundry Service,'' which sold more than 3 million copies in the United States.

Shakira's latest project has two parts: the new Spanish-language album, followed by ``Oral Fixation Vol. 2,'' an all-English album of new songs to be released in November.


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