OSLO, Norway (AP) _ A fire and explosion in a highway tunnel under construction in Norway injured at least eight people, the state radio network NRK reported Tuesday. A ninth person was feared missing.

The tunnel is being built in the town of Drammen, about 30 miles south of Oslo.

Firefighters were called to the scene after a fire broke out, and firefighters and construction workers were gathered at the entrance to the tunnel when the explosion occurred.

The blast _ apparently set off when the fire reached boxes of dynamite _ shattered windows in nearby houses, NRK said.

Some of the injured were firefighters, NRK said.

Contacted by telephone, the Drammen Fire Department said it could provide no immediate details.

However, firefighter Kristian Wear told the Norwegian news agency NTB that the tunnel was not in use at the time of the fire and explosion.

The dynamite was being used to excavate the tunnel.