COLUMBUS, Ind. (AP) _ A woman who shot and killed a friend of her family was married in a private courthouse ceremony just hours after she was sentenced to 20 years in prison for voluntary manslaughter.

''This has turned the worst day of my life ... into the most wonderful day of my life,'' said Kathy Scifres, who married Larry ''Bubba'' Martin, a 30- year employee of the Cummins Engine Co.

Scifres, 35, was sentenced Friday in Bartholomew Circuit Court for the August 1987 killing of 63-year-old Clyde Cope, a drifter and ex-convict who was befriended several years earlier by Scifres' family.

Deputy prosecutor Brett Niemeier maintained Scifres shot Cope at point- blank range after a heated argument over a gasoline spill at her tavern, Kathy's Lounge. He argued for a tougher 30-year sentence, citing the extreme brutality of the shooting.

''No one has the right to shoot someone while he's running, point a gun almost directly at his heart, and kill him,'' he said. ''She's getting married the day of her sentencing. Doesn't that tell you something about her arrogance toward the system?''

Scifres' attorney, William Marshall, argued someone else was responsible for Cope's death and said police pursued a ''half-baked'' case against his client, despite the existence of other suspects.

Scifres and the groom sipped pink punch and ate white wedding cake after the brief double-ring ceremony, which was attended mainly by close relatives.