A couple of weeks ago, the Kansas City Chiefs were looking at this week's meeting with the Denver Broncos as an opportunity to challenge for the AFC West title.

Now they have to look at it as a survival game. Elvis Grbac is gone for a while with a broken collarbone, they were thumped 24-10 in Jacksonville last week, next week they go to Seattle and then are home for San Francisco.

Good luck.

The Broncos re-established themselves last week with a 34-0 win over Carolina after two 3-point wins and a loss. But that was at Mile High Stadium, where Darrien Gordon's punt returns gave them early momentum.

This week, the Broncos are favored by 3 1/2. Too much: Arrowhead Stadium is one of the toughest places in the NFL to play.

Add motivation (desperation?) and make it ....

CHIEFS, 17-16

Washington (plus 6) at Dallas

Just because the Cowboys beat the Cardinals, Jerry Jones thinks there's a miracle in the works. Make it five of six for Norv Turner against his old team.


New England (minus 2) at Tampa Bay

Drew Bledsoe is vulnerable to an inside pass rush, the kind that Warren Sapp gives the Bucs.

BUCS, 17-16

Green Bay (minus 11) at Indianapolis

With Dallas coming up next week and then Minnesota, Mike Holmgren is terrified about the letdown this could be. The Packers could let down and still beat a team that might be headed for 0-16.


Carolina (plus 9 1/2) at San Francisco

Sweet revenge as the 49ers clinch the division against the only other team to win it in the last seven years.

49ERS, 17-6

Buffalo (plus 5 1/2) at Miami (Monday night)

Two weeks ago, the Bills won 9-6 in Buffalo as Dan Marino played miserably and then got hurt.

Not this week.


Minnesota (plus 1) at Detroit

Frank Reich doesn't stand up against the Minnesota pass rush.,

VIKINGS, 27-16

Cincinnati (plus 9 1/2 at Pittsburgh

The Bengals are hot, but not that hot.


Philadelphia (minus 1) at Baltimore

Is Bobby Hoying the savior?

RAVENS 27-26

Tennessee (plus 6) at Jacksonville

Even though the Jaguars are running out of defensive linemen (hello, Eddie George), they don't lose at home.

JAGUARS, 27-26

Arizona (plus 5) at New York Giants

The Cards are a team against whom the Giants match up.

GIANTS, 27-6

New York Jets (minus 3) at Chicago

The last time the Bears were home, they tanked it.

JETS, 27-16

Seattle (minus 6) at New Orleans

Heath Shuler doesn't have the Raiders defense to put up 13 points against.


Oakland (pick 'em) at San Diego

Even if Craig Whelihan doesn't come through, Gary Brown can shred the Raiders.


Atlanta (plus 3) at St. Louis

The Falcons won a shootout in Atlanta. The Rams return the favor.

RAMS, 37-36

LAST WEEK: 6-8-1 (spread); 10-5 (straight up)

SEASON: 70-71-8 (spread); 95-41 (straight up)