PHILADELPHIA (AP) _ A lawyer who met two Honduran women through magazine ads has been charged with raping and imprisoning them when they arrived in the United States and then abusing their children.

When the women tried to leave, Donald A. Young, 51, imprisoned them in his northeastern Pennsylvania home, which had bars on the windows and deadbolts on the doors, state police said.

Although he faces charges involving just the two Honduran women, authorities believe he also imprisoned several other foreign women.

``As soon as one begins to run, the next one is in the works,'' District Attorney Mark Pazuhanich said.

Young, who refused to comment, was arraigned Monday on charges that include rape, assault, false imprisonment, harassment, stalking and child abuse. He remains free on $50,000 bail.

Both women are expected to testify during Young's preliminary hearing Monday. He also may face immigration charges stemming from ads he placed looking for foreign victims, Pazuhanich said.

The investigation began about a year ago when Sonia Yamileth Young escaped from her husband's house in Polk Township, Pazuhanich said. Mrs. Young, who speaks only Spanish, told police she arrived in the United States in November 1995 after marrying Young in Honduras. She gave birth to his son within a week of arriving.

Young soon became abusive, raping her several times and locking her in the house, police said. He was also was abusive toward his son but details were not available.

In June 1996, Mrs. Young escaped and ran to the next door neighbor, who called state police.

Mrs. Young, who gave birth to a daughter conceived during Young's first alleged rape in the United States, still lives in Pennsylvania. Young retains partial custody of the children.

Antonia Odalma Martinez told a similar story when she escaped to the same neighbor's house July 4.

Ms. Martinez said she fled Young's house after he slapped her and threw a toy chest at their 3-year-old daughter because the woman left a water stain on a wood table.

Police said Ms. Martinez met Young at least three years ago after responding to an ad he placed in ``International Friends'' magazine, and she arrived in the United States from Honduras June 29 without legal immigration papers.