A look at some ski cable car and train accidents in Europe in recent years:

July 1, 1999 _ A cable car used to ferry employees to a French Observatory on Pic de Bure crashes, killing 20 people.

June 1,1990 _ Two cable cars crash 20 yards to the ground, killing 15 people and injuring another 45 in Tblisi, the capital of Georgia.

February 13, 1983 _ High winds fling three cars off a cable system in the Italian resort of Aosta, killing 11 people.

March 3, 1976 _ In the Italian ski area of Cermis near Cavalese, a cable car filled to capacity plunges 60 yards to the ground when the cable breaks, killing 42 people.

Oct. 26, 1972 _ Two cable cars crash at high speed in the French winter sports area of Dux-Alpes, killing nine people.

July 12, 1972 _ A cable on an elevated railway snaps in the Swiss province of Vallais, sending train carriages careening to the valley station and killing 13 people.