TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) _ Wondering what Moammar Gadhafi was up to during all those years of sanctions?

He was busy inventing a high-tech car shaped like a rocket.

A green prototype was unveiled Monday. It holds five passengers and has air bags that deploy all around the interior. It also has a collapsible bumper and a system of anti-roll panels.

The vehicle is meant to highlight the Libyan leader's concern for humanity and human life, said Al-Dukali Al-Mugaryef, general commissioner of the Libyan Arab Domestic Investment Co.

Those eager to take a spin in one will have to wait until it hits the market in a couple of years. As for its price, al-Mugaryef said it will be quite affordable.

``We're going to have it for every man and every woman and they'll all be James Bond,'' he said.