KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) _ Thousands of people watched Friday in Kabul as a convicted killer was executed by the father of the victim and two men, found guilty of stealing $1,400, had their right hands amputated.

Scores of women wearing all-enveloping burqas wailed and pleaded for mercy.

But on the sprawling grounds of the Kabul Stadium, the father of the murder victim carried out the death sentence by slitting the throat of his son's killer while an estimated 8,000 people watched from the stands, officials and witnesses said.

Mohammed Samandar was found guilty of killing a taxi driver in eastern Tagab, 35 miles northeast of the capital, and sentenced to die by the Taliban, the religious militia that rules 90 percent of Afghanistan.

In keeping with the Taliban's brand of Islamic law, the relative of the murder victim is allowed to carry out the death sentence. However, prior to the execution, Taliban officials asked the victim's father to show mercy and spare the killer.

He refused.

``Brothers, this man killed my son. Now his children have no father. I have to kill this man,'' the father told spectators at the stadium.

After the execution, two doctors, their faces covered by surgical masks, amputated the right hands of two convicted thieves.

The men were found guilty of stealing the equivalent of $1,400.

The amputations were conducted on the cold ground of the stadium. Both men were unconscious while the doctors did their work.

A Taliban official displayed the hands, warning that this was the penalty for theft.

The two men were later taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital, witnesses said.