GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala (AP) _ A military tribunal on Monday indicted 13 officers on charges of treason and rebellion in connection with a failed attempt last week to topple the civilian government.

Col. Ramon Pantaleon Palencia, head of the tribunal, said nine active duty officers and four retired officers were indicted. He refused to release their names. Two more officers involved in the coup attempt are at large and were not charged, he said.

Pantaleon said the tribunal has 15 days to examine the evidence and decide whether to continue the legal proceedings or drop the charges.

Troops loyal to Guatemala's 3-year-old civilian government put down the May 9 coup attempt within hours and without firing a shot. It was the second coup attempt led by rebellious military officers in a year.

President Vinicio Cerezo and Defense Minister Alejandro Gramajo said rebel air force troops backed by two helicopter gunships and an A-37 warplane blocked two major highways and tried to march on Gramajo's house.

They turned back in the face of a superior force of loyalist troops, they said.