VALPARAISO, Ind. (AP) — A 58-year-old Syrian woman has arrived in Chicago nearly three weeks after she was sent back to Saudi Arabia when President Donald Trump enacted a travel ban.

Sahar Algonaimi passed through gates at O'Hare International Airport on Friday to meet her family from Valparaiso, Indiana. She previously tried to travel to the U.S. to help care for her sick mother on Jan. 28 but was sent back to Saudi Arabia where she works as teacher. Algonaimi had visited last year and still had a U.S. visa good until June 2018.

On Friday, Algonaimi spoke using her niece Maria Ullayet as an interpreter outside the airport. Ullayet said her aunt was "happy and grateful to be here and come back after the grueling process that she went through a few weeks ago."