NEW YORK (AP) _ Her hit album ``On the 6'' is named for a New York City subway train, but it was by foot and by car that Jennifer Lopez put herself on display for adoring crowds at the Puerto Rican Day Parade.

The actress-singer strolled up Fifth Avenue for about 10 blocks of the parade Sunday before she ducked onto a side street to escape hordes of clamoring photographers. Fans watching from behind police barricades shouted ``Jennifer!'' and cheered as she waved and made her hasty exit.

Later in the afternoon, Ms. Lopez returned to the parade _ this time in a top-down convertible where she looked a little more relaxed. A line of police officers flanked the car to keep photographers away.

Ms. Lopez, who starred in the movie ``Selena,'' was born in the Bronx. She named her album for the No. 6 subway train, which runs from her old neighborhood into Manhattan.