MOSCOW (AP) _ Russian President Boris Yeltsin denied Friday that he would resign and promised to serve out the rest of his term as president _ until new elections in 2000.

``I want to say that I'm not going anywhere. I'm not going to resign. I will work as I'm supposed to for my Constitutional term,'' he said on national television. ``In 2000 there will be an election for a new president and I will not run.''

It was the first time Yeltsin had addressed the nation during the current political and economic crisis and came after days of feverish speculation that he would resign.

Looking calm and relaxed, Yeltsin said he had no intention of giving up power and was doing everything he could to fix the economy and restore stability.

Yeltsin conducted a series of high-level meetings Friday in an attempt to show he was still in control in the Kremlin as his aides and political allies insisted that the president would stay in office. The president had not been seen in public since Tuesday, stoking rumors that he was considering stepping down or had been incapacitated.