WASHINGTON (AP) _ John McCain didn't hesitate. He said his campaign flier attacking rival George W. Bush was a ``cheap shot.''

But McCain's denunciation didn't stop his staff from posting the flier on his Web site and including it in an e-mail to supporters.

The flier in question contrasted the McCain and Bush positions on taxes, Social Security and other issues. Its headline: ``McCain's Mature Vision for America's Future vs. Bush's Political Plan for the 2000 Election.''

The flier was handed out to reporters on Wednesday as McCain was delivering a speech appealing for a contest free from personal attacks.

Asked about it after the speech, McCain said the title went too far. ``We have occasional lapses,'' he said. ``They shouldn't have put that in. It's a cheap shot.''

But the same flier with the same title appeared hours later in an e-mail to McCain supporters and was posted on his Web site Thursday.

Asked why the campaign would post and distribute something the boss had disavowed, spokesman Howard Opinsky said the posting and the e-mail were all part of the initial release. ``It all went out at the same time,'' he said. And he said there was nothing wrong with keeping it on the Web site. ``It's not a concern.''

The Bush campaign suggested it won't be there for long.

``Governor Bush is pleased that Senator McCain disavowed this attack flier,'' said Bush spokesman Scott McClellan. ``And we imagine Senator McCain will see to it that it is removed from his Web site before long.''