Undated (AP) _ All-Star baseball players with names like Ted Williams and Henry Aaron and Lou Gehrig have given excitement to the national game, all right. But, over the years, other names have given it a touch of poetry.

Here are some of them:

Rusty Staub, Sparky Lyle, Dizzy Dean, Snuffy Stirnweiss, Happy Felsch, Cozy Dolan, Salty Parker, Lucky Lohrke, Sandy Amoros, Shooty Babitt, Coonie Blank and Siggy Broskie.

Deacon Phillippe and Preacher Roe. Bubba Church and Lance Parrish.

Doc, Duke and Schoolboy; Medich, Snider and Rowe. Mookie, Moxie and Roxy; Wilson, Hengle and Roach.

Randy Ready and Jim Quick.

Dixie Walker, Polly Wolfe, Patsy Tebeau, Nellie Fox, Beauty Bancroft, Cuddles Marshall, Cupid Chiles and Peek-a-boo Veach.

Yogi Cihocki and Yogi Berra.

Ducky Medwick, Birdie Tebbetts, Chicken Hawks, Coot Veal, Biddy Dolan, Goose Goslin, Turkey Gross and Frank Bird.

Cannonball Crane.

Moose Skowron and Ox Eckhardt. Bull Durham and Old Hoss Twineham. Jim Panther and Jimmy Foxx. Rabbit Maranville and Spider Jorgensen. Catfish Hunter, Art Herring, Shad Barry, Doc Bass and Oyster Burns.

Mudcat Grant.

Hy, Pie, Ty and Cy; Myers, Traynor, Cobb and Young. Foote, Hands, Face and Fingers; Barry, Bill, Elroy and Rollie.

Van Lingle Mungo.

Scooter and Skeeter; Rizzuto and Newsome.

Bingo Binks, Boom Boom Beck, Bobo Holloman and Bombo Rivera. Choo Choo Coleman, Kiki Cuyler and Chi Chi Olivo.

Zak, Yde, Sax, Ens, Atz, Grba, Zdeb and Pfund.

Suitcase Simpson and Satchel Paige. One-arm Daily, Three-finger Brown and Piano Legs Hickman. Shoeless Joe Jackson, Oil Can Boyd and Blue Moon Odom. Big Train Johnson and Steamboat Williams.

Puddinhead Jones.

Pee Wee Reese, Wee Willie Keeler and Big Jeff Pfeffer.

Germany Schaefer, Frenchy Bordagaray, Scott Loucks, Irish Meusel and Dutch Leonard.

Peanuts Lowrey, Pretzels Pezzullo, Cookie Lavagetto and Spud Chandler. Chili Davis, Joe Bean and Vinegar Bend Mizell. George Burpo.

Gabby Street and Dusty Rhodes.

Baldy Landers, Skinny O'Neill, Stubby Overmire, Shorty Fuller and Dummy Hoy.

Tony Suck.

Hick Cady and Urbane Pickering.

Arlie Pond, Hubie Brooks and Muddy Ruel. Les Moss.

Cecil Fielder, Ty Pickup, Matt Batts and Neal Ball. Ron Piche, Scoops Carey and Shags Moran. Four Sack Dusak and Home Run Baker.

Pop Rising, Babe Ruth, Sis Hopkins, Kid Carsey and Granny Hamner.

Cool Papa Bell.

Boog, Boob, Boze, Boo and Bo; Powell, Fowler, Berger, Ferris and Belinsky.

Stormy Weatherly, Rocky Colavito and Chappy Lane.

Bad News Galloway. Tug McGraw and Pinch Thomas. Skip Pitlock.

Vern Law and Jimmy Outlaw. Joe Just and Joe Judge.

Red Ruffing, Pinky Higgins, Vida Blue and Whitey Ford.

The Only Nolan.