SMITHFIELD, R.I. (AP) _ Curtis Martin and Drew Bledsoe had it easy. When Patriots coach Bill Parcells criticized them, it was more out of motivation than malice.

Wide receiver Terry Glenn may not be so lucky.

Parcells didn't want to take Glenn with New England's first pick in the draft, No. 7 overall. And now that he's stuck with the wideout from Ohio State, things are getting nasty.

With Glenn out since Aug. 1 nursing what Parcells insists is a mild hamstring strain, Parcells has questioned his toughness. Last week the name-calling started on the Patriots' playground, with Parcells referring to Glenn as ``she.''

``Whenever you get a young player ... you've got to find out mentally where the player is,'' Parcells has said. ``The first time any little thing happens to him, is he playing or is he not playing?

``Are they mentally able to cope with a few things? If they can't, then it's hard. Because usually they are going to have something.''

Glenn set records for receiving yards and touchdowns in his junior year at Ohio State, breaking marks set by Cris Carter and Joey Galloway. Patriots owner Bob Kraft had given Bledsoe $42 million for seven years, and thought it might be a good idea to provide him with someone to throw to.

But Parcells wanted to build with defense like he did with his New York Giants teams that won two Super Bowls.

The boss won out. And that threw Glenn into the middle of the power struggle.

For Parcells, it was simply more reason to razz the rookie, a technique he perfected on Bledsoe and Martin.

Last year, for example, after Martin ran for 102 yards in Week 1, Parcells starting calling him the ``one-game wonder.'' Martin went on to be named AFC Rookie of the Year. And Parcells grew to like him.

Whether a similar detente is in Glenn's future will certainly depend on how he produces. But it probably also will depend on whether he adopts a submissive stance the way Martin and Bledsoe did.

So far, Glenn hasn't made things worse for himself by lashing back. He has not made himself available for interviews at the Bryant College training camp since his injury, a policy believed to be out of fear he will say the wrong thing and further upset Parcells.

Nor has he spoken to Parcells about the injury.

``There's nothing to talk about,'' Parcells said.

Parcells was mum about Glenn's status on Tuesday, saying, ``I'd just like to get him back out there.''

But he also has said that if Glenn isn't back soon he will have to miss the Sept. 1 regular-season opener in Miami.

``He has missed an awful lot of practice,'' Parcells said. ``First-round draft choice or not, a young player coming out of school early needs every opportunity he can get.

``For someone to expect him to be ready _ to say, OK, he's healthy now so he's ready to play the first game _ if that's one week before the season, I mean, do you think that's realistic? I don't think it would be ... I just don't see how he could be ready.''