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ISTANBUL, Turkey (AP) _ Turkish fans across the country erupted in joy Tuesday, pouring into the streets and squares to celebrate the 1-0 win over Japan that sent the Turks into their first World Cup quarterfinals.

Seconds after the final whistle blew, Istanbul's streets were a riot of color _ red and white, the national team's colors _ and sound. Waving flags and brandishing red flares, fans congregated in central Taksim Square and, it seemed, every other open space in this city of 12 million.

During the match, which brought the country to a standstill, with government and private business postponed, the city was eerily silent.

It soon wasn't.

Cars, blaring their horns, circled the streets of the city center, with fans leaning out of the windows waving flags and shouting. In Taksim, police soon closed roads to traffic, leaving the square to a throng of jumping, singing fans.

``(Coach) Senol Gunes continues to write history,'' said Ozcan Dogan, 23, a student, joining the party. ``It's an injection of morale for a demoralized Turkish people.''

Turks are going through a deep economic crisis and were looking to their soccer team to provide relief.

In the capital of Ankara, central Kizilay Square quickly filled with thousands of dancing, singing, flag-waving sounds.

``Turkey, Turkey,'' they chanted.

``We needed some morale... The soccer players gave us what the government failed to give us,'' Ustad Buyukkivanc said as he joined the celebrations.

``We're so proud, Turkey is one of the world's eight top soccer teams,'' said Gonul Asiret.

Turkey is competing in its first World Cup in 48 years. In its first appearance, it went out in the group stage.

But Umit Davala's 12th-minute goal sent Turkey past co-host Japan and into a quarterfinal meeting with Senegal.