JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) _ Up to 20,000 students demanding Indonesia's president quit over corruption allegations rallied outside their college campus Friday ahead of scheduled visit by the embattled head of state.

It was unclear whether President Abdurrahman Wahid would go ahead with the visit to Gajah Mada University in Central Javanese city of Yogyakarta, 240 miles east of the capital Jakarta.

Presidential spokesman Adhi Massardi said university officials had advised Wahid to cancel, even though police said that the rally was peaceful.

The protest at the university, one of the country's most prestigious, was one of several anti-Wahid demonstrations to be held in several cities on Friday.

Police Inspector Ade Johanas said about 3,000 people demonstrated peacefully outside the local government building in Makassar, capital of South Sulawesi province, about 780 miles northeast of Jakarta. Dozens of police watched the protest but did not intervene.

And in Indonesia's second largest city of Surabaya, about 2,000 anti-Wahid demonstrators marched through the downtown area. Riot police stood by, but the rally ended peacefully.

In Jakarta about 300 Islamic students marched on the presidential palace.

The protests come after a series of violent demonstrations by Wahid loyalists in Surabaya and other towns in East Java province, the president's home region.

Wahid is resisting calls for him to step aside over his alleged involvements in two multimillion dollar graft scandals.

One case concerns a $2 million aid donation from the Sultan of neighboring oil-rich Brunei. The other centers on the alleged theft of $4 million from the state's main food agency by Wahid's masseur and business partner.

Last month, the parliament censured Wahid, despite his repeated denials of any wrongdoing, taking the first step toward possible impeachment.