ATHENS, Greece (AP) _ The death toll from a weeklong heat wave rose to 56 Saturday, officials said. Forest fires blamed in part on the heat raged across Greece and killed four people, including three British tourists.

Temperatures topped 104 degrees Saturday in Athens and hit 109 degrees in the northern Greek city of Larissa, the National Weather Service said.

The National Center for Emergency Aid said more than 3,600 people have been admitted to hospitals, and hospital officials reported 25 more heat-related deaths Saturday.

''In the past 24 hours, we've had six heat-related deaths in Athens,'' said a center spokesman, speaking on condition of anonymity. Nineteen other deaths were reported in other parts of the country.

On the western resort island of Cephalonia, a forest fire burned out of control for a second day, leaving four people dead, including a woman from London and her two daughters, police said.

Irene Evans, 32, and daughters Jenny, 10, and Maria, 3, died of burns Friday after the fire broke out near the village of Lakithra, said a police spokesman who spoke on condition of anonymity.

A 82-year-old Greek woman, Eleni Konstantatou, also died in the blaze and eight people were injured, the spokesman said.

''The fire's now burning on five fronts and has destroyed thousands of acres of pine forest and olive orchards,'' the spokesman said.

Other fires broke out across central and southern Greece and on the islands of Corfu and Chios, forestry officials said.

Blistering temperatures sent thousands of Athenians fleeing to beaches surrounding the capital. Several hundred people camped in an air-conditioned stadium in Athens' port of Piraeus to escape the heat.

The weather service predicted temperatures would fall into the 90s Sunday.

''Our forecasts show that from tomorrow we'll have normal temperatures for this time of year and we'll be able to forget this nightmare,'' a weather bureau spokesman said.