TOKYO (AP) _ A failed Japanese bank filed a criminal complaint with police and prosecutors on Friday, accusing its former executives of engaging in illegal business practices.

The Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan Ltd., which was nationalized in October after being declared insolvent, acted in response to an internal probe begun after the resignation of top executives.

In addition to asking the authorities to move against the former officials, the bank also said in a statement that it would work to prevent a recurrence of the alleged violations by reforming its management structure.

The statement did not name the former executives it was targeting or give details of the allegations against them.

The credit bank became the first Japanese bank to be nationalized since the end of World War II after financial authorities determined it had liabilities exceeding assets by about $2.79 billion.

Japanese media have reported the bank may have broken Japan's Commercial Code by paying dividends even though it was racking up losses.