BEAVER, Utah (AP) _ Paul Newman wants to renovate the tumbled-down birthplace of Butch Cassidy, with help from the state of Utah.

Newman gave one of his most memorable movie roles as the outlaw in ``Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.'' Cassidy, the alias of Robert LeRoy Parker, was born more than 130 years ago in this southern Utah town of 5,000.

Author Aaron Hotchner, a partner in the charitable Newman's Own Foundation, said he saw a picture of the rickety cabin on the Internet and got the idea to run it as a museum with artifacts from the outlaw's life and times. He said the cabin's owner likes the idea.

Hotchner said he and Newman want to give a grant to the state for fixing up the place.

``We stand ready to try to make it a historic place, if it is feasible,'' Hotchner said. ``But there hasn't seemed to be any response, and in the meantime it's deteriorated more,'' said the writer known for works including ``King of the Hill.''

Wilson Martin, the associate director of the state historical society, was out of his office Wednesday and unavailable for comment.